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Welcome to Boma Fuels

Boma Fuels, is a sustainable international economy-growth company, underpinned by an energizing and purpose-driven business model and its Board remains confident that the company’s strategy will continue to generate sustainable returns for shareholders and clients alike.

Who we are

“Your Fuel Partners”

Boma Fuels

The Company, established in 2007, is a values-driven organisation, where Integrity, oownership, Empowerment, teamwork and performance are integral to everything of our endeavors. These aren't values that just exist merely on a poster or on a piece of a paper; but live in the hearts of all employees. We market energy products on a global scale: oil and biofuels, natural gas and green gases, and renewables. Our employees are committed to energy that is ever more affordable, cleaner, more reliable and accessible to as many beneficiaries as possible.

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Our Work - Our Values!

Our Accolades are in the Nations We Serve & the Results of Our Work & Timelines

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Quality Products

At Boma Fuels we supply high quality products such as Fuel D6 Virgin Oil Jet Fuel JP A1 (Aviation Kerosene Colonial Grade A1) Minimum LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) DIESEL EN590 10PPM Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel Minimum DIESEL D2 Gas Oil GOST 305-82 Minimum

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About us

Active in Rotterdam, Houston, Beira and Nigeria, we put sustainable development in all its dimensions at the heart of its projects and operations to contribute to the well-being of people. This we achieve with the compliment of our partners in the oil industry in the territories we operate. We aim to be a major player in the international energy transition. At the same time, the Company has been energized around its commitment to sustainable and equitable growth. By focusing our business strategy around the need to develop solutions to some of the world’s most deep-seated social and economic challenges, Boma Fuels is working towards motivating associates and inspiring a growing number of customers and suppliers to partner with them. The Boma Board believes that it provides the right framework for the organization and that we will become increasingly relevant and instrumental in helping to address tomorrow’s challenges and ensuring long-term success for cooperating partners.

Boma Fuels

“Your Fuel Partners” . . .

Explore our products

Fuel D6 Virgin Oil

Jet Fuel JP A1 Minimum

LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas)

DIESEL EN590 10PPM Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel Minimum

DIESEL EN590 10PPM Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel Minimum

DIESEL D2 Gas Oil GOST 305-82 Minimum

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Environmental Policy

The environmental management system operating at Boma Fuels is one of the elements of the corporate management system; it sets out the uniform environmental management procedure in compliance with the effective laws and regulations and relevant practice. The system complies with ISO 14001, GOST, including industry-specific standards. Our Compliance Of The Environmental Management System Is Guaranteed By: Adaptation of individual elements of the corporate administration management system to the specifics of the environmental management, in particular, by means of allocation of functions and tasks between the company units and allocation of rights and obligations between the specialists, bringing of the procedures of introduction, application and updating of the environmental management system to a single structured process aimed at continuous improvement of the environmental management system performance.

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Our efficient solutions

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Fuel D6 &
Virgin Oil

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Latest Projects

Works Across the World

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Our Global Market

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    The organizational benefits are multi-layered. A facilitated Boma process provides a powerful development experience that goes far beyond the immediate solutions that will be generated. Client’s leadership teams will develop unity, sense of common purpose and collective responsibility - helping them to work effectively together to create a sustainable future. Our team has a wealth of exposure and experience in provision of petroleum products. A well maintained investor and client data base is the back-borne of all success.

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    Research Work

    Our focus is on active research in business and management. We enjoy a reputation for the quality and impact of our work and sustaining this strong position is a key priority. We provide a supportive and stimulating research environment that encourages intellectual enquiry and the pursuit of research excellence. Wherever possible, we break new ground and champion interdisciplinary work. Our researchers are ‘world leaders’, are ‘internationally excellent’ and we take pride in our ‘research power’. We attract our research funding from a broad base of sources to support our long-term research ambitions for the industry that we represent.

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      "with a network of teams globally, we understand that every market is different and so we work differently! - work to identify and develop solutions best for our clients, helping them manage physical risk and optimize opportunities. Our trading presence is supported by complimentary refineries and a marketing network in territories that they operate. In all our endeavors, we seek to work with partners who share our commitment to high international standards of operation.

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